Yamaha...The World's Favourite Outboard

4 Stroke Outboards - economical, quiet & smooth engines...

Powerboat trainingYamaha lead the world in high performance marine engines. Whilst being at the cutting edge of embracing technology that offers superior economy, smoothness, sophistication and environment-friendliness, Yamaha are renowned for their performance, reliability and durability. The new-generation Yamaha range is now exclusively 4-stroke, offering the previously impossible - a complete line-up of ultra-modern, advanced-technology engines, all of which are comparable in weight and size to their original 2-stroke predecessors. Above all, Yamaha’s 4-stroke development has been so successful because from the very start, Yamaha build only pure, marine-specification 4-stroke engines from scratch. Every cubic centimetre, inside and out, designed with total, all-round performance in mind - and dedicated to your pleasure on the water!

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Electric Drives - portable, easy fitting and clean 12V power!

Powerboat training

For a quiet lake or river, choose a Yamaha Electric Drive; there isn’t a more convenient, environment-friendly way to power a small boat. Just switch on and go! These simple 12V units are very light and the adjustable bracket allows quick, effortless fitting to almost any smaller boat. A comfortable, twist-grip throttle makes control very straightforward and manoeuvring is a real pleasure. They’re tough, too, with permanent magnet motors, damage-resistant casings and coatings, and a special composite drive shaft that won’t bend, break or corrode in normal use. All Yamaha Electric Drives are fitted with a special Weedless Wedge propeller that maximises thrust and is designed to resist trailing weeds and other underwater debris.

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