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avon ribs


From small inflatable tenders to stylish sophisticated Ribs & jets. The Avon range is the hallmark of all what is best in the world of inflatable boating.

Craftsmen built and excellence in professional styling and design, the world leading Avon range is made for life on the water at its very best ... just for you.

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bombard ribsBombard

Bombard has made the sea a place where you can have fun with total safety. Bombard adapts to your needs and your budget whether you are a beginner or professional providing you with a craft of exceptional performance.,

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cobra ribsCobra

Cobra ribs are Europe's leading rough water luxury rib builders. Cobra offer a range of ribs from 5.5m to 12m in size. You can choose from a variety of layouts from basic dive boat to the world famous Nautique luxury layout or anything in between that fulfills your requirements.

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ribeye fleetRibeye

Thinking of a RIB, think Ribeye. For fun and exhilaration as well as for family use with safety features paramount, Ribeyes really fit the bill. A Ribeye is the perfect family boat. Ideal for swimming, fishing, beach-hopping, exploring or just picnicking. The serious fun starts here!

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Walker Bay TendersWalker Bay Tenders

Walker Bay’s Rigid Dinghy Series offers a fun, practical boat that is lightweight, easy to handle, expertly engineered and requires no maintenance other than simple cleaning. With a virtually indestructible HIMC hull, Walker Bay boats are ideal for boating with the family, a day of fishing or loading up as a tender.

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